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UL / CSA / CE Product Certification


UL / CSA / CE Product Certification
The Marks of Acceptance UL CSA CE

The Marks of Acceptance

To design and manufacture electrical products for today's marketplace, you need to "think global." This is especially true when it comes to product safety certification.

Mersen has circuit protection products to help you meet every major standard in every country. We work with regulatory bodies the world over to test and certify our products, so you can choose components that will meet the product safety requirements of the markets you want to reach.

Evidence of these approvals are the certification marks found imprinted on our products. Here are some of the more common marks and what they mean.


UL Listed Mark

The mark most familiar in the U.S., the UL Listed Mark is issued by Underwriters Laboratories. It signifies that a product has been tested by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) and met the requirements of widely accepted product safety standards. For more information, visit

UL Listed products are also manufactured under the UL Follow-Up Services program, which means UL will periodically retest random samples from a manufacturer's inventory to ensure that the product continues to comply with standards and perform within accepted levels of operation.


UL Recognized Mark

Products bearing this mark are generally components of a product that will later be tested as a whole to obtain a UL Listed Mark. Using UL Recognized components does not ensure an automatic UL listing, however. The complete final product must be tested as a unit. To learn more, visit


CSA Mark

Issued by the Canadian Standards Association, the CSA Mark signifies a product that is tested to Canadian product safety standards. Products certified for sale in Canada may also bear the relatively new C-UL Mark issued by Underwriters Laboratories. To learn more, visit


CE Mark

The CE Mark, required for products intended for sale anywhere in the European Union, shows that a product has been tested by a Notified Body and meets the requirements of all relevant European directives.


CE Mark and Declaration of Conformity

CE Mark is required for any category of products listed in the Low Voltage European Directive and intended to be sold all over the European Union. 

Declaration of Conformity is the commitment of the manufacturer or of the importer of the product to having achieved the complete test program of the European standards declared in the document.