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Mersen at PCIM Digital Days

27-04-2021  -  Neuheiten

During the PCIM Digital Days (May 3-7) Mersen will present its products and innovations in the areas of electrical power storage, charging stations and electric vehicles. Participants can look forward to interesting presentations by the company’s experts.

PCIM Europe is the leading international trade show and conference for power electronics, intelligent drive technology, renewable energy and energy management. Due to the continuing pandemic this popular trade show, which normally attracts more than 12,000 visitors and 500 exhibitors to Nuremberg every year, will take place in a purely digital format. The event is a forum for the first-time presentation of new developments to the public by representatives from industry and research, supplemented by an extensive conference agenda for discussion of the latest trends. In addition to the innovative development with the name Infini-Cell, an extremely thin, single-layer busbar with integrated contacts for battery assemblies, Mersen will also present new products from the area of high-speed fuses and ultra-thin cooling plates.

The company will take part in the conference agenda with several presentations, reporting for example how Mersen is continuously helping to shape EV/HEV trends in the area of battery safety and failure modes. During the digital trade show, technical experts from Mersen will also be available, so that visitors can contact them to discuss their application challenges.

The agenda:

- Infini-Cell: Bus Bar for Battery Cell Interconnection
Speaker: Thomas Fouet
Tuesday, May 04, 9:20

- Interconnection and Safety Trends in Electric Vehicles Batteries
Speaker: Pierric GUEGUEN
Electric/Hybrid Electric Vehicles (EV/HEV) is among the top fastest-growing industries in today’s electrical energy markets. As this market evolves, Li-Ion Batteries have been the focal point to many evolutions. From the battery pack DC protection architecture down to the interconnection at cell level, advanced technologies are now offered in the market to further improve the battery safety and support the market growth. With this presentation, Mersen will give an overview of its recent developments to support EV/HEV trends in battery safety and interconnection
Tuesday, May 04, from 13:35 to 14:05

- DC charging station: Surge, overcurrent protection and power management components
Speakers: ROUSSEL Philippe, VP Global Strategic Marketing Power Electronics & MUTABDZIJA Srdan, Director, Product Management, Surge Protection
In a context where EV battery is now reaching 800V and where charging time is expected to take less than 15 min by increasing power up to 500kW, this paper will review the latest innovations in Surge Protection Devices, Fuses, Bus bar, Capacitors and Cooling Solutions for ultra-fast DC EV chargers
Wednesday, May 05, from 14 to 14:30