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Approvals & Standards

  • UL Listed to subject 1953, File E352417 unless noted otherwise
  • CSA Certified Class 6228 01

Key features & benefits

The Next Generation Power Distribution Block (PDB). Mersen power distribution blocks provide a safe and easy method of splicing cables, splitting primary power into secondary circuits and fulfilling requirements for fixed junction tap-off points. All blocks are UL and CSA approved while meeting spacing requirements for feeder and branch circuits in conjunction with UL508A and the National Electrical Code®. PDB options include single or dual conductor primary inputs and up to 30 secondary outputs. Specialty blocks are available allowing for up to 7 primary inputs. The MPDB series is offered in three size categories: miniature (MPDB62 and MPDB63 series), intermediate (MPDB66 and MPDB67 series), and large (MPDB68 and MPDB69 series), in both aluminum and copper.

More specifications


  • Splicing cables
  • Splitting primary power into secondary circuits
  • Fixed junction tap-off points.

Product Specifications

Item Number



Open-Style PDB UL 1953 1000V Tin-plated Copper - 175A Adder 1 - 4 openings; 2/0-#14 --- #4-#14 Box to Box  

EAN/UPC code


Rated voltage AC UL

1000   V

Rated voltage DC UL

1000   V


50/60   Hz

Rated current (CU)

175   A

ROHS Compliant


AC or DC


Short Circuit Rating (Standalone)

10   kA

Short Circuit Rating (Class CC)

100 kA with 30A Fuse  

Short Circuit Rating (Class G)

100 kA with 60A Fuse  

Short Circuit Rating (Class J)

100 kA with 200A Fuse  

Short Circuit Rating (Class L)

100 kA with 200A Fuse  

Short Circuit Rating (Class RK1)

100 kA with 100A Fuse  

Short Circuit Rating (Class RK5)

100 kA with 30A Fuse  

Short Circuit Rating (Class T)

100 kA with 200A Fuse  

Number of Poles


Body/Insulating Material

Glass Filled Polycarbonate  

Connector material

Tin-plated Copper  

Number of Openings per Pole (Primary)


Number of Openings per Pole (Secondary)


Connector Type (Primary)


Connector Type (Secondary)


Hex/Screw Size & Type (Primary)

3/8-24 x .56  

Hex/Screw Size & Type (Secondary)

1/2-28 x .38  

Hole Diameter (Primary)

0.438   in

Hole Diameter (Secondary)

0.250   in

Torque Rating (Primary)

2/0-#3 50; #4-#6 45; #8 40; #10-#14 35  

Torque Rating (Secondary)

#4-#6 35; #8 25; #10-#14 20  

Wire Range (Primary)


Wire Range (Secondary)


Installation Mounting

Direct Screw Mount  


CU Mini  

Product Weight

0.1406   kg

Product Width

23.6   mm

Product Length

78.2   mm

Product Height

71.4   mm

Sell Pack Quantity

6   EA

Sell Pack Weight

0.8845   kg

Sell Pack Width

79.5   mm

Sell Pack Length

165.1   mm

Sell Pack Height

73.2   mm