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R-Tools 3D Heat Sink Simulator

R-Tools 3D Heat Sink Simulator

Reduce your design time while increasing the reliability of your final product

R-Tools is a no-charge, on-line simulation software that allows users to model the optimum air cooled heat sink solution tailored to their project requirements. The simulation results aid in reducing design time and increasing the reliability of the finished heat sink product, all before the first prototype is even built.

R-TOOLS MAXX, the New Version of R-Tools, is Coming in January 2021!

R-TOOLS MAXX logo and simulation

R-TOOLS MAXX delivers advancements and improved features that help facilitate the use of the software. R-TOOLS MAXX has a modern and fresh visual design, an upgraded graphical user interface, and simulation visuals. In response to the design needs of today’s market, R-TOOLS MAXX draws from the latest simulation modelling software to provide users a more robust and accurate calculation tool.

The new R-TOOLS MAXX heat sink selector tool will replace the current R-Tools software.

Important Note to Current R-Tools Users

R-TOOLS MAXX is built on a new advanced simulation code and user interface. It is built from ground up and is not compatible with the older R-tools files. The current version of R-Tools will be discontinued effective November 30th, 2020. This means current R-Tools users must finish their projects* by November 30th, 2020. After this date the legacy version of R-Tools software will be permanently removed from the Mersen website and no longer available.

* Please note current projects saved in R-Tools will NOT be transferred to the new R-TOOLS MAXX as the two versions are not compatible. Should users fail to finish their current projects in R-Tools by November 30th, 2020 their files will be lost and cannot be recovered.

For all additional information on R-TOOLS MAXX  please contact the Mersen Technical Support team at or call us at 1-585-784-2547 in North America.

R-Tools 3D heat sink simulator

Heat Sinks Selector Tool - Illustration 1

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The program is designed to generate a simulation of the most efficient heat sink model by asking the user to input parameters of their application such as the temperature boundaries, size of the heat source IGBT, SCR etc., layout of the power electronics, and several other design criteria. The program’s simulation engine will then output an air cooled heat sink design along with 3D visualization tools to provide users an overview of the heat sink thermal behavior and heat
spread over the surface of the heat sink. This results in a more accurate technical solution compared to traditional data sheets and graphs.


The final heat sink simulation results can then be saved online or shared via email. Users can also generate a full project report that can be saved as a PDF file and formatted for printing. Running on internet browser, R-Tools is available to users around the clock, 24/7. The program is free to register and to use with unlimited projects and no expiry date.

Heat Sinks Selector Tool - Illustration 2
Heat Sinks Selector Tool - Illustration 3


  • Understand and communicate the thermal behavior of your designs with the aid of visualization tools
  • Quickly & accurately model various heat sink configurations
  • Convenient 24/7 online access
  • Easy to use
  • Test various designs