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Approvals & Standards

EN 60269-2 section II

Key features & benefits

The fuse complies with standard EN 60269-2 section II and standard BS 88 part 6. These fuses are designed for : “General purpose use” protection (gG type). This fuse range insures an excellent current limitation for all overloads on a large range of applications. Their size cannot allow exchange by other fuses of higher rating in their range. They are screwed into fuseholders or bolted directly onto busbars, or in fuse interruptors disconnectors.

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  • These fuses are designed for : “General purpose use” protection (gG type)



2 ... 800 A  

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Item number - Catalog No.

Ampere rating

Fuse size

Total Clearing I2t

Indication System

Product weight

J226351 - BES42V40

40   A


4200   A²s


0.029   kg

K226352 - BES42V50

50   A


8750   A²s


0.029   kg

L226353 - BES42V63

63   A


13900   A²s


0.029   kg