1500VDC Ready


Mersen Electrical Power offers the first

comprehensive portfolio of

1500VDC Power Components


for the electrical safety and

protection of PV systems.  

Line of 1500VDC gPV-class photovoltaic fuses

Mersen offers a 1500VDC gPV-class fuses for the protection of photovoltaic installations against low fault currents and short-circuit currents. These fuses are installed in the combiner boxes at the string level and also in the re-combiner boxes at the array level closer the PV inverter.  

This line ensompasses 10x85mm cylindrical models (HP15M range) and also global-accepted NH-style fuses (HP15NH3L). The first ones are ideal for installation in combiner boxes mounted into US15M1HEL premium holder. The second ones are of main fuse category for installation in re-combiner box just upstream the PV inverter. Some models of HP15NH3L are for direct mounting onto busbars providing cost and time savings for installers and maintenance. Optionnally a microswitch for remote control capability is available.


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Premium 1500VDC PV Switch

Mersen Electrical Power markets 1500VDC PV Switches in 3-pole and 2X3-pole configuration. Mersen switches have a small footprint.

The PV switch operates a quick, safe and reliable DC breaking. Visible contacts ensure to view the real status of the device. Our models are in-house ready for a direct installation when floating polarity configuration has been chosen. 


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1500VDC Surge Protection solution for large-scale and rooftop PV installations

STP T2 40 PV is the series of  devices that provide advanced overvoltage protection to photovoltaic systems by utilizing Mersen’s optimized dynamic thermal disconnection system, which does not require additional overcurrent protection (back-up fuse) due to its high short-circuit withstand rating. These surge protective devices are suitable  large-scale, rooftop DC installations.


No back-up fuse is required. Mersen has developed an optimized thermal disconnection system which does not require such a fuse.

Reversible installation is offered with this SPD. The reversible chassis allows cable entry form above of below.


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